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Pope Alessandro XVIII
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Name: Pope Alessandro XVIII
Age: 15 (Novel states he was 10 when they made him Pope, 5 years previously during RAM)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Eye Color: Grey (same colour as Caterina)
Hair Color: Platinum (In Novels and Manga) Brown (in Anime)
Height: Short (Somewhere around 5ft probably)
Date of Arrival:
Current Residence:
Powers: None
Origin: Rome

Background information: Alessandro is the son of the previous Pope Gregorio XXX and the highest ranking noble family in Rome. He is the half brother of Caterina and Francesco. He did not want to become Pope, instead Caterina and Francesco forced him into the position.

"Sister, didn't you d-decide to make me Pope? Although I-I didn't want to be P-pope, my s-s-sister and b-b-brother forced me," ... "E-e-everybody says so, everybody says that I'm my s-sister's and b-brother's puppet. Y-you r-really think so, too, don't you S-Sister? You think I-I'm a poorly made puppet that you r-really don't need s-s-such a shameful little brother." Alessandro, RAM 3. Talking to Caterina in a Cafe in Prague.

This journal is used for plutoix and discedo (He comes from the Know Faith arch of Rage Against the Moons vol 3.)

Despite his icons from the anime, Alessandro has platinum hair, which is more of a grey or silver colour. (Seen above)